Steve Morrow Music



You can reach many of the fine musicians credited on this CD by the links below. In addition, links to other resources are there.





Beto Hale, singer/songwriter, drummer, producer, (Hear American Mythology) @ Beto Hale
Kc Dunn, producer, studio engineer/owner of AirstreamAV, drummer, percussionist @ Kcdmusic Dan Freedman, guitarist extraordinare, bassist @ TheDFProject Kathryn LaRoux, heavenly singer/guitarist, a fixture with the Nacho Men can be reached @ The Nacho Men
Caitlin Thompson, vocal/piano instructor (Ms. Superb), @ Caitlin Thompson Steve Morrow @ Steve Morrow

Mark Gerganoff, solo performer magnifico found @ Mark Gerganoff

Naked Ear Recording Studios and CD design and replication @ Naked Ear Recording